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What what whoa

What what whoa

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Damien Rice - I Don't Want To Change You


wherever you are
you know that i adore you
no matter how far
well, i can go before you
and if ever you need someone
well, not that you need helping
but if ever you want someone
know that i am willing

This song puts so much meaning to the last eight years of my life.

propellerandcompass said: Wait, do you live in Orlando?

I sure doooo.


maybe university isn’t a good idea

maybe becoming a tree is a good idea

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Guys it’s fucking October.

Beirut - Postcards From Italy


Beirut / Postcards From Italy

I just really love this band right now okay?

Beirut - Un Dernier Verre (Pour la Route)

Come sit at the table
Under October’s able skies

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Wake & bake & wait for James to pick me up.


Damien Rice - I Don’t Want To Change You



Can’t help but think my film teacher is kinda cute in a weird, dark, clever sort of way.

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Broke down trying to leave work. Second time this has happened this week. Gonna kill something.

Just a couple o’ dapper ladies.😘 {#dapperday #disney #hollywoodstudios}

About to head out for Dapper Day ^_^
Anyone else going to Hollywood Studios tonight?